Monday, May 28, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Dog Days

Dog Days by Elsa Watson

The first sentence from each chapter of Dog Days, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :) * Book provided by the publisher for review

Prologue "I'm following my nose, sniffing every curb and cor-ner, but nothing smells like home."

"Rain splashed down as I dodged puddles, wishing I'd worn something more sensible than heels."

"I shook myself out of my Max-induced dreams."

"At least when one piece of our world fell apart, it gave me the chance to improve another."

"My new friend goes inside a building, so I go in, too."

"I woke up on the ground, my muscles cramping with pain."

"I wake up and can hear myself whining."

"I didn't have time for Zoë's shenanigans."

"The minute we entered the park, Zoë dropped all the menus and ran off."

"As we waited to go on stage, I started to feel nervous all over again."

"This was a disaster."

"I sit down on the couch and concentrate in silence."

"The doors swing shut, and I walk into dog heaven."

"Was Zoë crying?"

"Zoë looked at me like I'd just shot the president."

"Zoë and I came in second."

"I see a group of dogs ahead and I'm drawn toward them."

"There was no way we'd scored well enough for the top three, let alone first place."

"This party has made me miserable."

"I don't remember a thing from the walk home."

"I woke up on the couch, my legs wrapped up with Zoë's arms like we were a pair of puppies."

"After the cake disaster, people cleared out of the Ca-nine Chapel of Love pretty quickly."

"At last, my very own house!"

"What time is it?"

"When Zoë made her speech, the planet stopped spin-ning."

"Jessica and I walk Foxy to the big gate at the town square."

"Zoë led the way through the door, or course."

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