Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hostess for Hunting

The Hunt by C.J. Ellisson

First to start, 4 tiara wearing bats with an extra tiara out of 5 bats for the author.  

The VV Inn 
is back for another go. Now that the vacations are over the hunt begins.

The first book introduced all the players and now they get to share their views as a new kind of big game hunt gets ready to take place.  I love that although these are primarily vampire books, here we get to meet and see more of the weres (and it looks like they may even get to be a focus in the next book).
As always I love my normal favorites but in this book a new one is getting that title from me. Paul has always been interesting but the new developments in his new life have me really hoping he gets a lot more face time in the next book.  Also I am very happy he didn't eat Bunny because I like her.

Wonderful read and I love the expansion of characters over the last one. Only character I personally didn't like well... Lets just say is no longer an issue :P

While the the masters away the wolves will play, I cant wait for the next book.

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