Sunday, April 15, 2012

Top 5 Sundays - Books {Series} That Would Rock on TV!

This feature was thought up by the awesome Larissa's Bookish Life

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Books {Series} That Would Rock on TV!

Perfect for TV with the two magical feuding families and some superb characters.  Also the town would be a fun setting to explore more and see how it became the way it is.

I would love if this series was a TV show.  The characters and mythology would be refreshing compared to what TV has to offer right now.  It would also hinge on making Oberon's talking look believable.  

This trilogy would make for a great show.  The concept of disillusioning people would make for compelling TV and the cast of characters would translate to TV very well.

This would be a truly great TV series as long as it had a big budget. It would be pertinent to find just the right cast.  If they kept the show as full of funny and butt kicking as the books then it would definitely be a winner.

This would be an awesome show.  Zombies are hugely popular right now and this is one heck of an original zombie story.  Of course they would need to find just the right person to play Angel.

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