Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Big Game

Big Game by C.J. Ellisson

The first sentence from each chapter of Big Game, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* ARC provided by the author
* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

"The soft hum of the jet fades into the background noise of the small cabin."

"The line drops."

"A soft beep from the plane’s intercom system jars me from a light slumber."

"The dull thud of my footsteps echo back off the smooth walls of the dimly lit, narrow tunnel."

"I hang up the phone with Asa, grinning at his description of the subtle matchmaking by the pack Alphas."

"The scents of mud, dead grasses, and woods fill my lupine nose. "

"Muted gray light seeps past my eyelids."

"The sun feels high, not quite at full strength due to the time of year, but it’s certainly kill-worthy for me."

"The dark sky spans before the windshield, making the private jet feel like an insignificant bug in the huge expanse."

"The late afternoon sun glints through the thin trees, catching my eye while I sprint across the property in wolf form."

"The overpowering odor of blood in the banquet room has diminished thanks to the strong coroner’s gel under my nose."

"Jerry settles onto the couch in Vivian and Rafe’s small office."

"It’s well past two a.m. and my latest call to Jon has gone to voicemail, just like the one to Asa did a half hour ago."

"The mid-size conference room in the basement, the one that magically transformed into a forest under Vivian’s illusion in January, doesn’t seem large enough to hold all the high-tempered Weres."

“What’s a guy to do hours before dawn and his friends are all in bed?"

"The eerie calm of the tunnels surrounds me as I descend the escape ladder in Bunny and Paul’s bedroom closet."

"It’s hours past dawn when Rafe and I enter our suite."

"My eyes spring open in the darkened living room."

“Should we let him live?”

"It’s mid-morning, close to ten a.m. The wolves are awake, clustered once again down in the basement around the small conference table."

"I bolt up from restorative sleep, the concern I had when lying down to rest still front and center in my mind."

"Around noon, the fully-healed Pat, Eric, and myself slipped through the underground tunnels to one of the empty family cabins."

"I end the call with Jon, turning off the speaker function when I hang up."

"I don’t trust Cy and want to know why he tried to push into my head, but, I’ve shoved my fears and worries aside to listen to Jon."

"My wounds heal slower now that the demented pair has drained half my blood."

"I raced out of the basement meeting with Cy and Asa, unable to talk with the two bloodsuckers a minute longer."

"Over the course of the last few hours, I’ve seen the other two male vampires who originally were a part of my abduction, plus Coraline, and Lucas."

"I’m worried about Jon."

"It’s been hours since I was dragged into this room and left in a heap on the floor."

"Candy returned thirty minutes after the sun rose."

"I huddle in a corner, crying softly."

"Over an hour ago, Pat raced down to the basement with Jon’s bloody form draped over his shoulders."

"The stink of death hangs over Rome like thick smoke on a day with no wind."

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