Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Earthseed

Earthseed by Pamela Sargent

* Received from the publisher for review.
* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

"Zoheret rolled slowly down the corridor, flexing her knees as she skated."

"Zoheret skated down the curved corridor until she came to its end, near Ship's center."

"There was one room Zoheret had never seen; neither had anyone else."

"Zoheret's team crowded together in front of the entrance to the Hollow."

"Zoheret, with her room to herself, had slept restlessly."

"Zoheret studied herself in the mirror and brushed back a lock of straight black hair, then smoothed her pink shirt and pulled at her white pants."

"Zoheret closed the last bottle of fruit and handed it to Serena, who put it on the shelf."

"Tonio held up an arm."

"Zoheret lay on her cot, a cloth over her brow."

"It was night when they reached the entrance."

"They had traveled past the lake and through the woods with-out finding a sign of Ho's group."

"She was lying on her back."

"Zoheret had rowed the boat only a short distance up the river before pulling it out of the water."

"Zoheret turned the boat over, then pushed it toward the water."

"Zoheret said, "This isn't my house."

"Ho and Manuel had been taken away after breakfast."

"Zoheret stared at the man, unable to move until Caleb drew out a knife and threw it to Ho."

"A bird sang overhead."

"Yusef had tried out the vehicle, and had discovered that he could steer it by pressing the dashboard buttons in various sequences."

"Feeling better now?"

"Zoheret turned to see the Hollow for the last time."

"The new world fled from Ship, becoming a speck, then winking out."

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