Friday, April 27, 2012

Gripping Game

* Received from the author for review

To start with the rating 5 out of 5 tiara wearing bats for this one.  Normally I am one of those readers that likes the first in the series the best but book 3 of the VV inn series has proven that that is not always the case.  So far with each new book in this series I get a new favorite.  They keep getting better and better.

In this installment of the series the duel story lines keep you gussing at what will come next. First back at the inn while the vampies are away the weres will be weres.  Romeo and his pack are back including Spike (I love Spike).  Spike is easily in my top five favorite characters list.  The hunt for big game and in some people's cases love is on.  Some shiny trouble means a fight for survival and more.

While away from home not all goes smooth for the seethe either.  Paul's control is tested again in more ways then one.  While Rafe and Dria walk into the vampires nest itself.  I like the scenes on the island but I do wonder more about the people and happenings there then we get to see this time.  My favorite parts of the books are when you get to see that Dria although the oldest is not the only member of the group that gets scary.  Characters continue to grow and be added.  This series once again had me wanting the next as soon as I finished.

A Tiny Reverse Vampire Review

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  1. Thanks so much for the review! I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed it! And without sounding too wierd, I have to agree. I think this book came out the strongest of the three (but, yeah, I'm a little biased, haha).

    Appreciate your time and effort on the six sentence piece yesterday and the reviw -- thanks again!


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