Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mini Reviews - More Black Dagger Brotherhood

Butch, who knew you were such an interesting guy? = (a thought of mine while reading this book).  I love how Butch and Marissa slowly become a couple, there's seems to be the longest relationship between meeting and actually getting together so far.  It's also great seeing exactly why Butch is so important to the Brotherhood, I know I certainly didn't see that twist coming.  Seeing Marissa's view of everything and finding out that she's actually stronger then she thinks she is interesting (one of my favorite scenes is how she gets rid of her old dresses.)  As a threat The Lessers are as always really creepy, I don't know if I'll ever be able to associate the smell of baby powder with anything besides the scent of evil. :)  Vishous and Butch grow even closer and lets just say their relationship is very complicated.  Can't wait to see what exactly is in store for Butch's future.

Vishous's story lets you see a lot more into how this character thinks. Seeing his background really lets you see why he turned out to be not so good at the whole communicating and feelings thing.  He also has a very different sexual side then the other brothers do and even has a separate place for when he gets together with someone.  I was very surprised by who his parents turned out to be not to mention the ending which shows just how far these familial connections go.  His love interest Jane is a human surgeon that he sees in a vision and knows that she has to be taken with them.  I guessed half of the twist in this book but didn't see the big one that had to do with his visions of the future.  The bad guys are almost nonexistent in this book but you can tell that they're around especially if you paid attention in previous books to their modes of transportation and where they like to set up base.  Overall a pretty good story and nice set up for the next book even if I'm not sure that I even like Phury anymore I'll probably read his story in the next book anyway.  I also look forward to seeing how exactly Vishous and Jane will work through the unique situation that they are in.  


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    1. Me too, I love how close they are and that they don't live at the main house like everybody else. I think Butch's story is my favorite so far. :)

    2. He is one of my personal faves: Next to John Matthew, Z

    3. Nice, Yeah Z's one of my favorites too. Also I liked Wrath in the first book but now he just strikes me as weird especially with the really long hair he keeps growing out.


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