Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weekend Craziness

I would have posted sooner today but the internet hasn't worked for just about the entire day but I did have an interesting day anyway.

Here's the weirdest photos of the week:

This is the rather confused woodpecker that was pecking at the light pole instead of the many trees around... This went on for a long time too.

Now for the other crazy part to my weekend:

Today Tiny Reverse Vampire and I spent a large part of the day fenagling a quick fix for my tail light.

We had to do this because on Wednesday I got pulled over by the cops (the first time this has happened).  I of course thought I was speeding or something but no he'd noticed the broken tail light. 

I'm very happy that it was just a warning and not a ticket especially since I didn't have the current proof of insurance in the car, just old ones.  As soon as I got home I found the current one and stuck it in the car.  :)

I'll get it professionally fixed eventually but there was no way that I was paying Kia's price of over $250 just to fix the cover over my tail light.

This is what we did on the first try.  Tiny Reverse Vampire cut up a red tupperware lid and made it fit/taped it in.  This didn't work so well because it was still showing a lot of white light.  Being the mad scientist type that she is though she had more ideas we just had to go to Hobby Lobby first.

 Here's Tiny Reverse Vampire in action using a cut up piece of a plastic tablecloth and some packing tape.

Here's the finished product, it looks good and should pass muster for now.  :)

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