Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Echo's Revenge

Echo's Revenge by Sean Austin

The first sentence from each chapter of
Echo's Revenge, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so

* ARC provided by the author for review

Prologue: “Fog! It’s so foggy, I cant see a thing,”Reggie whispers as he peers around the cold granite corner of the County Courthouse.”

“Whoah. Smokin’!” said Jeremy, who was watching the computer screen from over Reggie’s shoulder.”

“When school ended the next day, Reggie and Jeremy walked home across an ice covered field.”

“Reggie got up at 6 a.m.”

“On the way out of AAA Reality Games, something weird happened to Reggie.”

“Six am came a lot quicker than Reggie thought it would.”

“A sparkling cloud drifted purposefully through the early morning woods.”

“The three Petes sat inn the cab of Big Pete’s truck, driving through southern Oregon.”

“Now,” said a dark silhouette of a guy with a buzz cut.”

“Think we’re lost enough now?” asked Jeremy when Reggie had lead them off the road and into some woods at the outskirts of Crescent City, California.”

“The screeching sea gulls awakened Jeremy and Reggie.”

“Reggie and Jeremy got milk and chow each morning at a 7-Eleven convenience stores wherever they found themselves because 7-Eleven convenience stores were always friendly, clean, and most importantly, predictable places where they knew to look for new pictures on milk cartons.”

“Reggie and Jeremy surveyed the truck stop just outside of Crescent City, trying to figure out with whom they could hitch another ride.”

“What she said about Asa kinda makes sense,” and Jeremy as they entered the Truck Stop Restaurant.”  

“Reggie and Jeremy were lucky.”

“Where can we hide, where can we hide?”

“Reggie still didn't know what to think since Luca still hadn’t responded to any of his emails or calls and a very real ECHO had almost nailed them.”

“We’re here! said Reggie, comparing the view to the crumpled photo in his hand.”

“Reggie woke up first, to a splitting headache.”

“After a while, Reggie and Jeremy noticed a small trap door in the floor of the truck that kept opening every half hour or so.”

“Crystal clear water shot out from the rocks high above the Falls, allowing anyone to take a refreshing drink or a freezing shower.”

“The next work period someone one stood at the top of the Pit watching all the guys come to work.”

“The next day, a large plastic shrink-wrapped package was dumped next to a game arcade in Los Angeles.”

“Back to work, welding in the Pit.”

“Rations were running low, so Snake asked for volunteers to get more.”

“On the way to the Cots the next night, Reggie thought about making new escape plans.”

“The blackout had caused confusion and anxiety in the Cauldron.”

“Reggie and Jeremy stood in the Pit, frozen.”

“As exhausted as they were,most of the guys jumped at the chance to get out.”

“Big Pete drove all night.”

Epilogue -   “Before he knew it,Reggie saw palm trees on the side of the freeway.”

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