Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Fever

Fever by Lauren DeStefano

The first sentence from each chapter of Fever, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

"WE RUN, with water in our shoes and the smell of the ocean clinging to our frozen skin."

"THE SICK SOUND OF bone hitting skin."

"GABRIEL IS SLEEPING on the ground in the tent, curled up so closely to the wall of the tent that its green tinges his skin."

"THIS TENT IS RED, like the strings of beads that droop down from the ceiling, so low our heads almost touch it as we stand before the mirror."

"THE LOVEBIRDS, she calls us."

"EXHAUSTED, I slide under the blankets in our green tent."

"I HEARD SOMEONE running toward me."

"THE GRASSY FIELD goes on forever, it seems."

"THE SCREAM is the siren that sets the carnival into a panic again."

"THERE ARE NO WINDOWS, and when Gabriel wakes me, I have no way of knowing how long I was out."

"WHEN IT'S MY TURN to sleep again, I dream of fire."

"WE HIDE behind boxes of Kettle chips and pretzels."


"AFTER the restaurant has closed, sometime after ten p.m., I rouse Gabriel from where he's been slumped over the table for hours, spluttering in a lake of drool."

"SOMETIME AFTER DAWN we board a bus that will take us to Pennsylvania."

"IT'S DARK when our bus stops at the station, which is grimier than the ones before it."

"MY BROTHER left some things in the trunks we'd buried."

"CLAIRE'S HOUSE reminds me of my own."

"BY MID-FEBRUARY the air starts feeling warmer."

"IN MY DELIRIUM one night I dream of our escape boat, feel it rocking me into a deeper sleep, to a place with long stretches of hot pavement."

"THE NEXT DAY I make an effort."

"IN THE AFTERNOON I conjure the strength to perform menial tasks."

"I AM A CORPSE on a rolling cart."

"THE DREAMS break like water against rocks."

"IN MY DREAM the windmill in the golf course is spinning, its bolts loosening in the hurricane winds."

"IT'S BEST not to wonder at what cost."

"THE SOUND of rain, traffic, and thunder."

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