Sunday, December 5, 2010

Brilliant Baker

Being Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram
* I received this book via Star Book Tours

This book gets a super 4 gnomes and a gnome hat out of 5 gnomes for having a great main character and a story that superbly shows both sides of a superhero.  It's a story about a strong teenage girl who just happens to have super powers.  The origin of these powers was a pretty horrific accident and Jamie's still not over what happened after the accident.

I like how original this story is and how Jamie is not a clich├ęd superhero. She has a wide range of powers: super five senses, strength, speed and electricity.  Jamie is, to put it plainly, antisocial and alienates herself from everyone at school.  People are afraid to approach her, she's even been nicknamed the ice queen.  Her facade only starts to break down after she lets Ryan Miller into her life.

It all begins when Ryan is bet by his friend Mike that he won't be able to get Jamie to kiss him.  Confounding the whole school is that Jamie does kiss Ryan, with very interesting results.  She is almost magnetically attracted to him.
It's extremely entertaining how Ryan goads Jamie and that her parents love him right away.  The reader slowly learns that Jamie was a whole different kind of person before the accident and the whole gaining super powers wasn't the only thing bothering her.  The aftermath of her boyfriend being killed and a reporter blaming her for it led her to move and made it not exactly easy for her to trust people.

Her and Ryan are really a perfect couple because they bring out the best in each other and end up learning more about themselves the more they're around each other.  He helps her control her powers and figure out more about what she can do. 

There are plenty of surprises to discover.  Jamie's been keeping more then one secret to herself about what happened the night of the accident. I'm curious to see if any consequences will come from the secrets that Jamie and Ryan's other friends share.  There's a twist to who the bad guy is, that I know I sure didn't see coming.

Overall I'm very interested in seeing what Jamie does in the future.  Also like Ryan, I wonder if Jamie will let her hair grow out and what shade of green it is.  Looking forward to seeing if Jamie ever breaks her rule against super heroics and would love to read about whatever the future brings.

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