Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sentence Sneak Peek - Volume 2: Lost Reflections

Lost Reflections: ALMOST HUMAN ~The First Trilogy~ (Volume 2) by Melanie Nowak

The first sentence from each chapter of Lost Reflections, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

As the last blazing colors of sunset faded to deep violet in the sky, Felicity made her way up Alyson‟s front walk and knocked on the door.”

“Cain pulled into the lot at Tommy’s.”

Felicity awoke with a start as she heard Alyson come in the front door.”

“Cain was awakened from a deep sleep by a strong surge of hunger, the thirst for blood.”

“Felicity found herself singing as she got dressed for class.”

“Cain sat in the cafe, drinking his coffee and flipping through the art book he had bought the night before.”

“Felicity took Cain’s arm and they made their way out to the parking lot and his waiting motorcycle.”

“Cain put down his glass and stretched, breaking the narration.”

“Felicity was unsure just how long they sat that way, Felicity sitting on the tablecloth spread over the ground, with her legs curled under her and Cain lying stretched out, with his head in her lap.”

“Cain started up his Harley Davidson and rode out into the night.”

“She was speechless.”

“Cain awoke with the sunset, stretched and smiled as he remembered the comforts and pleasures of the day before.”

“Felicity had returned to school driving her own car (!) with her dad following behind, just in case.”

“Cain awoke from his restless sleep, to lie there in the dark of his room.”

“Felicity eagerly followed Cain downstairs, elated and amazed that she had been brave enough to say the things that she had practiced to herself earlier.”

“Cain and Felicity stood in the doorway of his home, arm in arm, and watched the sun’s brilliant rays dip below the horizon.”

“Felicity started the car and began her drive home.”

“Cain lay in bed with a book.”

“Morning was a welcome thing.”

“Cain lay in bed, waiting for Felicity to arrive.”

“Felicity stood at the register, waiting for Cain to arrive.”

“Cain had been very involved in a conversation with Alyson about false personas and hidden identity traits, when Ben ordered him to go and lock the door.”

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