Monday, December 20, 2010

**Guest Post from C.J. Ellisson author or Vampire Vacation**

Calling all Kindle Owners

Have a Kindle and want to read The Hunt (Book Two of The V V Inn series) months before anyone else?

C.J. Ellisson is posting increments weekly with six other authors' work, prior to her book's publication in June, 2011. Chapters will be released in a Kindle blog, reminiscent of how Dickens' released Great Expectations over a century ago in print.

The blog is called Free Fantastical Fiction, and the name pretty much says it all.

Here's how you find their blog for your Kindle:

On or after December 20th, 2010, please go to the Kindle store
Click this link or do a search for: Free Fiction
Click on Subscribe

Bam! You're done. You have just signed up for a free two-week trial and will receive seven installments a week from seven different books direct to your Kindle!

They don't expect you to stay after the trial period ends. This request is essentially a push to move them up in the rankings for other potential subscribers to see the blog. In thanks for your support, please email the team and they'll provide you with a direct link to the site so you can read the work for free and unsubscribe on the Kindle before the trial period ends.

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