Monday, December 6, 2010

Being Jamie Baker - My favorite quotes/lines

Here's some lines/quotes from Being Jamie Baker that will show you why I liked this book so much.

"It was just over a year since my accident, the one that made me join the comic book persuasion..."

"It was some kind of superkiss.  Kind of freakish, like me."

"My dad was definitely trying to use his I-have-a-gun-and-I-doubt-anyone-would-miss you voice, but Ryan didn't seem to mind."

"Right then I was just a normal girl, and Ryan was the superhero."

"Superpowers--one.  Tofu lasagna--zero.  Sometimes life's not all bad."

"I'm not letting you risk your life just because you can't think with your upstairs brain."

"In my dreams you're usually dressed like Wonder Woman."

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