Monday, December 27, 2010

Sentence Sneak Peek - ALMOST HUMAN ~ The First Trilogy. Volume 1: FATAL INFATUATION

Fatal Infatuation by Melanie Nowak

The first sentence from each chapter of Fatal Infatuation, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

*I received  the whole trilogy for review from the author.  So tomorrow will be the Sneak Peek for the second book.

Prologue: “Cain surveyed the few patrons of the bar with a practiced eye.”

“Felicity approached the store with a stomach full of butterflies.”

“He had forgotten how good this could be, close physical contact with another person; even if he was letting her beat the hell out of him.”

“Felicity zipped her sweatshirt over her t-shirt, and sat down on the bed to put on her sneakers.”

“The campus was pretty deserted by this time of night.”

“Felicity finished ringing up her customer and stole a glance over at the café as he left.”

“Cain trembled as he fought to control his rage.”

“Felicity was lost.”

“The guy at the door stamped Cain‟s hand without asking for ID.”

“Felicity paused to catch her breath from running, and then opened the door to enter the bookstore.”

“Cain lay in his bed, drifting in and out of sleep.”

“Felicity looked out the window for the umpteenth time into empty darkness.”

“Cain tried to quell the eager anticipation he felt as he entered the bookstore.”

“Felicity sat in the living room with two other girls and Maggie, the R.A., watching television.”

“Cain awoke shortly after sunset.”

“Felicity followed Ben through the woods towards the cemetery, with Cain coming up behind her.”

“Cain was in a fierce mood.”

“Felicity sat at the café counter, as Ben finished straightening up so that they could leave.”

“It was done.”

“Felicity awoke to the blare of her alarm clock.”

“Cain took the last swig of his coffee and closed the book that he had been forcing himself to try and read.”

“Felicity tossed and turned in her bed until she finally awoke.”

“Cain paced his room like the caged beast he felt he was.”

“Felicity looked up from her register to see Allie enter the store.”

“Cain sat in the movie theater and tried to pay attention to the show, again.”

“It was almost time to close, and still no sign of Cain.”

“Tonight would be the night.”

“When Felicity arrived at work for her shift on Saturday, both Harold and Nadine were working in the café.”

“Cain stood aghast and took in the situation with mute horror.”

“When Felicity awoke, it was nearly two o‟clock in the afternoon.”

“Cain sat in the field next to the cemetery, playing with a blade of grass in his hand.”


  1. This series is phenomenal! It is especially loved by the twenty-something set. The story evolves naturally and pulls you into another world. The idea of a first line as a way to show the story? Wonderful. Melanie Nowak is a superb author and I'm a huge fan! (as if you couldn't tell!) LOL

  2. Thanks. I really liked the trilogy too. Make sure to stick around Bibliognome this week for two more Sentence Sneak Peeks for the next two books, a review of the trilogy, an interview with Melanie Nowak, and a giveaway starting on Saturday.


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