Monday, March 16, 2015

Mini Movie Review - Cinderella

The movie itself is beautiful, not to mention Prince Charming (those blue eyes, wow, very nice. :) )

My sister and I did find a couple of places funny that were not meant to be aka a certain garden scene (I mean why does a full grown man have a giant swing in his private garden...)

The evil stepmother is very well cast and has the best wardrobe. I like that they gave a lot more feeling to this character but she’s still delightfully evil.

It’s easy to tell it’s a Disney movie with the amount of parents that drop dead. Plus the friendly animals are still there too (even though real mice are a heck of a lot more creepy than cartoon mice.)

The story keeps most of what you would expect from the original. I wish there had been more of the original music included. There are plenty of great moments though.

It was good but it’s also a movie I’m not sure really was screaming out to be live action. Saying all this though, the fairy godmother scene and the whole ballroom scene were pretty darn perfect.

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