Saturday, November 30, 2013

PRR (Pre Review Ravings) - Alien Research

These are my P.R.R.(Pre Review Ravings) aka what I think before I write my review.

Alien Research by Gini Koch

- Spoilers highlighted like so :)

* So much craziness in this book but it really helps move the mastermind plot along.

* All the alien hate is really hitting the fan kind of like I was expecting it to in the last book.

* The tension is really high in this book.

* Kitty’s recruitment powers continue to be awesome.

* Love getting to meet the Operations Team/AC Elves

* Like finding out more about the poofs.

* Whoa there was a lot of death in this book, be prepared to cry more than once.

* Did not foresee these deaths at all.

* Really wondering who the mastermind is, have a bad feeling that it might just be somebody really close to the group.

* The end for one character was really sad and I really hope they somehow find their way back.

* I feel really bad for Chuckie and Naomi.

* Ace is BACK!!!!!!!

* Jamie's character continues to be interesting/make me worry about her.

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