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Review/Rant - Allegiant

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

2 gnomes and a gnome hat out of 5 gnomes

Oh Allegiant,  why did you have to go and break my heart like that. I’m afraid that we can’t be friends anymore and I may have to shelf you apart from the first book in the series which I loved. You start off strong first but things go downhill when the reader starts getting some answers.

Don’t get me wrong I adore the characters of Tobias and Tris and most of the other characters. The choices that are made will make you raise your eyebrows and wonder what exactly these characters are thinking.

Thinks pick up right where they stopped from the last book. The message is now out but nobody can agree what to do. Tris and Tobias make the decision that you know they’re going to and this leads to some major revelations.

I should have known things were headed in a shaky direction when purity started being brought up so much. There city is not the only conflict out there and the world is not exactly what they were expecting.

What everyone thought was the truth isn’t really so much and I’m not sure that I at all like what the truth is.

These characters go through quite a journey and it’s a very very very final ending and let’s just say you better be ready for one heck of a depressing ending and that in my opinion the last chapter is a tad cheesy for the series.


Rant =

Tiny Reverse Vampire saw how the book was going to end long before I did because as she pointed out why else would a series  change to two points of view unless one of the characters was going to die… Of course she was right and I didn’t think of that because I guess I have a blind spot after reviewing a lot of YA books (I just know that dual points of view are popular and thought the author was trying to cash in on that.)

I was so freaking mad/sad at this ending because I really thought a different ending was being set up. Here’s why I think that:

* When David has the truth/fear serum cocktail and they want to know the password to get into the room he sounds crazy yes but he also keeps saying her name and I was pretty sure he wasn’t talking about Tris. It is obvious that he was in love with her mother so I thought the ending being set up would be that the password for the room was Natalie so then no explosions or secondary measures would have ever been set off and Tris still could have faced David but without the other issues.

* After David is injured and in the wheelchair they make such a big deal about how weak he is and even how people have to push him around.  Yet he’s strong enough to shoot Tris at least 2 times, killing her. If he was so weak why couldn’t she overpower him, sure she was weak from fighting off the death serum but she was also Dauntless trained and a darn good fighter.

* Death serum...really? The heroine of the whole series survives freaking death serum only to get shot!!! Infuriating is pretty much how this made me feel.  Yes I read Roth’s reasoning for this and can see why she feels that way and why she went there but I think it would have worked better without the getting shot part or you know not killing Tris at all…. :)

* They do all this to just erase the memories of one compound of people...There are other cities/experiments that do not agree at all with the genetically damaged people being allowed to do what they want. I assume that they will be checked on eventually or you know shut down the hard way where everyone gets to lose their memory or you know a new war may break out or the death serum will be discovered and unleashed killing everyone.

* With this ending I kind of wish that this trilogy had been a standalone.


  1. Yeah and tobias dinner with his mom to end it all :(

    1. Yeah, I was thinking really that's how you're going to end it all??? Also it read like this wasn't going to be the end of all the problems either.

  2. I've just finished the book and I'm deeply disappointed by the fact that Tris - being Divergent with Erudite abilities (curiosity, intelligence etc.) did not notice the fact that David gave her the goddamn password. It was so obvious that I feel almost insulted by Roth not using this fact in Tris' favor. I just think that Tris' death and what happened after that in the book was written as if the author was already bored with this character so she let her die to finish the book asap. The last 10% of the book was simply boring and a waste of time since Tris' death didn't actually change much in the matter of the future life of the rest of the characters except for giving them the cause to grieve. I also think that Allegiant was the worst-written part of the trilogy. The two-character narration was in my opinion unnecessary since both of them "sounded" the same - if it wasn't for the titled chapters I probably wouldn't have even noticed the changes...

    1. Yes that password part was ridiculous especially after the series went out of it's way to point out how special she is. The whole third book did feel rushed/like a bad idea. Yes they essentially changed nothing and I assume others will find out what they did and not exactly be happy. Divergent was my favorite of the series and it just went sharply downhill from there.


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