Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gnome Story - Do You Believe?

* Welcome to Gnome Story where you can get a glimpse into the strange world of Bibliognomes.  Every now and then a mini short story about a gnome will be posted.

Today, I'm happy to present a story written by my mom. :)
Do You Believe?
It was a brisk fall day as Bernard Gnome was walking home from school. The top of his gnome hat kept knocking the colorful fall leaves from the trees. As he ran along the path home he noticed his head was cold. Alas he had lost his gnome hat among the colorful leaves. He ran home tearfully crying to Mama Gnome, "my hat, my hat!" He cried to her it is lost in the woods among the colorful leaves.

After Mama Gnome calmed poor Bernard's tears she said, "That is okay Bernard, we shall retrace your steps to find it."

Before they left on the journey to find his hat she found Bernard an old hat that belonged to Grandpa Gnome. It was bright green with purple polka dots. Bernard said, "I don't want to wear that but Mama Gnome said, "if you loose it, at least we'll find it."

They went out the door on their journey to find the lost hat. Before they started down the lane, Mama started to chant, "Lost hat, lost hat, appear before me, lost hat, lost hat, show yourself." As they proceeded down the lane Mama Gnome repeated the chant.

Pretty soon the leaves began to twirl and dance and as they rose up into the sky, all of a sudden they fell and in the air there was the lost hat. Bernard cried out happily and to this day is still awed by Mama Gnome's magic.
The moral of course is that one should always belive in Mama Gnome Magic/wear a hat that doesn't blend in. 

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