Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Audio Awesomeness

Tiny Reverse Vampire's Top 5 Audio Books so Far This Year

The Game of Thrones series
Great book, love how it transfers between the characters and keeps the action going enough so you stay interested.

Stephen King's Under the Dome may be a thirty-hour read but it's well worth it.

Cute retake on the classic story from the beast's point of view.

One of my favorite series, I've stumbled upon this year.  This story has a really good narrator.  Take the TV show and times by ten to get how good these books are.

Interesting story and would definitely recommend the audio book, it has great readers and translates really well to spoken word.  I also love the music it has despite the fact that it freaked me out at first because I didn't know that it was included.

Here's a video of the song:


  1. I am ALWAYS on the prowl for good audio books so I'll have to check Beastly out. (I've already read Beautiful Creatures and am reading Game of Thrones in print and have hard cover of Under The Dome). I don't know, I'm weird about that, I don't like to start series that I've read in print or own in print on audio and if I've started a series in audio than I don't want to read it in print!

  2. @April I pretty much agree, the only reason I've strayed from that is lack of time. Audio books are a wonderful thing when working sometimes it's just too hard to hide the paperbacks.

    Heads up, check out Beautiful Darkness it's better then the first book.


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