Saturday, November 19, 2011

Story Time - Week 3 of the Story so Far

I've decided to extend this feature and instead of a weekly story I'll have the story begin on the first of each month and end on the last day of the month.
1.) Only write 1 to 2 sentences
2.) Keep it clean
3.) Have fun and spread the word so the story grows

Thanks to
Sullivan McPig and Julie@My5monkeys for participating in the story so far.

Week 3 of the Story:

Once upon a time in a time not that long ago there was a disturbance.  The cause of the disturbance was something that was well...truly disturbing. 

In fact it was so disturbing that at first it was quite unclear what this disturbance was, because anyone who saw it was too disturbed to talk about it. 

There came a noisy unruly girl who demanded that all must obey her. She was the girl of the mayor and weird things did happen around her.  

Pigeons tap danced when she blinked her eyes and cockroaches would mimic her words when she spoke. 


  1. Lights would go off and babies would cry when she passed.

  2. This girl stood in the center of town, pigeons dancing, roaches waiting, lights flickering and babies crying all around. She struck her umbrella on the cobblestones.

  3. A hush fell over the town as purple sparks shot out of the tip of the umbrella and even the pigeons stopped their dancing and seemed to hold their breath.


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