Friday, November 4, 2011

Rest in Peace Bernard the Black Band

Bernard's Demise

Oh Bernard we barely knew you.

Bernard a Black Band from the book Broken by Susan J. Bigelow was a bad guy sure but he was starting to change his ways and had quite an adventure around town until today...

Today I heard an ominous chewing sound in the living room.  Apparently Bernard was eaten/chewed up by the maw of this hell hound here.  She goes by the name of Opal and loves to eat just about anything.
Opal the hell hound, just look at that devilish look.

Here are the remains of Bernard, the only thing left whole was his head.  He seems to be missing some sizable chunks.:

You can see a slide show of Bernard's life here

Thanks again to Candlemark & Gleam who I won Bernard from (I'm just glad that I finished my contest entry before this development, it's just too bad that his life was so short.


  1. Poor, poor guy. What a terrible end!

  2. @susanjanebigelow, Yeah, I was not happy when I discovered this. He was just starting to turn his life around too...


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