Thursday, January 26, 2017

Review - Episode Two: The Absconded Ambassador (Genrenauts #2)

Episode Two: The Absconded Ambassador (Genrenauts #2)

My Favorite Quotes/Lines:

“It’d be terribly inefficient to replace you now.”

“May I give so few fucks when I’m her age, Leah thought.”

“More like don’t ever make the black guy go first on a story world,” King countered.”

“I’m liable to deny the request next time just so I don’t have to see that disturbing smile on your face.”

4 gnomes out of 5 gnomes

Space-opera awesomeness. This second mission is not ideal for Leah but she get's thrown right into it anyway. This space world and its politics are very complicated. It all felt realistically like how one of these space stories would go.

This story felt like it was going to go a different direction but then it ended. So I am curious to see what the next episode entails.

Plus now I am extremely curious about Roman and what his whole backstory is. I have a feeling that it's one heck of an intriguing story.

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