Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Review - Poison's Kiss

Poison’s Kiss by Breeana Shields

* Read via NetGalley for review

4 out of 5 gnomes

A superb mix of Indian and other folklore/stories. This felt like a very shiny/new kind of read. The characters, setting, pretty much all of it draws you right in and will have you clamoring for more.

Marinda is one heck of an intriguing character. She’s been made into a poison maiden meaning anybody she kisses dies not long afterwards. Being an assassin is all she knows basically. All the family she has is her brother Mani which is complicated too because he’s sick.

She is really stuck between a rock and a hard place because she truly believes that she has no other choice than to do what her handler tells her to. If she doesn’t bad things happen.

The story is filled up with awesome characters and a story that is full of surprises. It takes a serpentine twist and just keeps going on.

Deception, Daggers, Death, Drama and plenty of Poison equal a story that you should read ASAP.

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