Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sentence Sneak Peek - Episode Five: The Failed Fellowship (Part One) The Shadow of the Night-Lord (Genrenauts #5)

Genrenauts: The Complete Season One Collection by Michael R. Underwood

Episode Five: The Failed Fellowship (Part One) The Shadow of the Night-Lord (Genrenauts #5)

The first sentence from each chapter of Episode Five: The Failed Fellowship (Part One ) The Shadow of the Night-Lord (Genrenauts #5), it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

Fantasy World— Heroic Region Narrative Diagnostic 4071.514.3 Dark Lord Rises…”

“To qualify as a full-fledged Genrenaut, Leah Tang had to pass competency tests in a dozen disciplines.”

“Two days later, they were still waiting.”

“Shirin and Roman went to the bar, leaving Mallery to wrangle Leah.”

“Leah looked the man up and down.”

“Leah considered the pros and cons of the current situation.”

“There’s a reason that fantasy novels take the travel sequences in montage or tiny snippets.”

“King and Shirin made good time the first day on the road to the city of Ag’ra, where Ioseph had said they’d be likely to find Xan’De, the Matok warrior-mystic.”

“Mallery took point, citing the need to clear her head.”

“Oldtown had a garrison, but they were mostly occupied in keeping the local population under lockdown.”

Nolan the swordsman was easy to find.”

“After another long day of walking, some walking, and more walking, Qargon led the team into a vast cavern.”

“The spirit of K’gon looked down at them from atop the sarcophagus.”

“Nolan and Xan’De led King and Shirin all around the capital, through pubs and brothels and black markets and bolt-holes.”

“Two teams reunited in an unassuming cottage at the edge of the royal woods, far from the center of the city.”

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