Monday, February 1, 2016

Sentence Sneak Peek - Red Rising

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

The first sentence from each chapter of Red Rising, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)
“The first thing you should know about me is I am my father’s son.”

“My suit can’t handle the heat down here.”

“We walk hand in hand with the others from our township through the tunnelroads to the Common.”

“As the Laurel-wreathed boxes come down to Gamma, I think about how clever it really is.”

“Ugly Dan stands with three Tinpots.”

“For Eo, I do not react.”

“I do not see Eo in death.

“Dancer looks through me.”

“The city is one of spires, parks, rivers, gardens, and fountains.”

“I grew up with a quicksmiling girl of fifteen so in love with her young husband that when he was burned in the mines and his wound festered, she sold her body to a Gamma in return for antibiotics.”

““You’re mad.”

“My life becomes agony.”

“Matteo is a tall wisp of a Pink with long limbs and a lean, beautiful face.”

“Matteo cannot teach me to dance.”

“My test comes after two months of training my mind with Dancer.”

“My test results come when I am practicing my cultural recognition and accent modulation with Matteo in our high-rise penthouse.”

““Son of Linus and Lexus au Andromedus, both of the House Apollo.”

“I feel a sinking in my stomach as I walk with the chattering mass into the dining hall.”

“I vomit as I wake.”

“There’s stillness in my soul as I look at the broken boy.”

“Fitchner wakes us from the long dormitories in the dark of morning.”

“Fitchner is gone in the morning.”

“Though we all still sleep under the same roof, it took only four days for the House to dissolve into four tribes.”

“I did not kill Vixus.

“Thirty days into the Institute and I’ve not seen evidence of another enemy House except for the smoke signs of distant fires.”

“Part of Cassius is gone.”

“We find Roque at Phobos Tower with Lea, Screwface, Clown, Thistle, Weed, and Pebble.”

“I pretend the matches came from one of the Minervans when I light our first fire inside castle Mars.”

Titus is what Dancer did not want me to become.”

“A month passes.”

“I ride dressed for war.”

“I passed this test.”

“Cassius wakes me in the middle of the night.”

“There is agony.”

“My friends are with me.”

“In order to have an army, I must be able to feed it.”

“Shit on a pike!”

“The bear is huge— bigger than a horse, big as a wagon.”

“My army sleeps well into the morning.”

“Fitchner left?”

“He jerks back his hand.”

“There is no time to waste in going back to the fortress.”

“I find her asleep in a suite beside Jupiter’s own.”

Tactus has assumed command in my absence.”

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