Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - The Vampire’s Fake Fiancée

The Vampire’s Fake Fiancée by Kristen Painter

“Just because I’m a librarian, possibly with a cat, doesn’t mean I’m a cliché.”

“I’m a librarian. The opportunities to wield a sword are few and far between.”

“But I want to be a librarian. It’s what I went to school for. It’s what I’m good at. It’s where my heart is.” She loved books. In a book you could escape and be anything you wanted, no risk involved. No chance of hurting anyone else.”

“You think because my sister looks like a librarian and is a librarian that she’s too timid and quiet for anyone to buy that she’d be your fiancée. Well, I’ll have you know that she might look harmless but she’s a valkyrie, same as I am, and one of the fiercest women I know.”

“If he was going down in flames, it was going to be the largest bonfire Nocturne Falls had ever witnessed.”

“Holy Loki, you actually have a body. And boobs!””

“I look less whore-y than I thought I would.”

“You’re a vampire, not a robot. Who doesn’t eat sweets?”

“The thought that she was being underappreciated by those around her bothered him.”

“I am a librarian. We certainly don’t dislike brains.”

“Except ever since that kiss, it hadn’t seemed like pretend at all.”

“Or he could crawl in bed next to her and give her something else to do besides read.”

“It smelled of him, dark and spicy and sort of woodsy. Like the pages of a much-loved, leather-bound book.”

“He’d never been so glad to have someone on his side. Nor had he ever underestimated anyone quite so much.”

“Sebastian Ellingham, you are the dumbest, smartest man I have ever known.”

“If something was worth doing, it was worth doing well.”

“Don’t. You. Dare.”

“I still want to know how the librarian knocked out a vampire.”

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