Friday, February 26, 2016

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Morning Star

Morning Star by Pierce Brown

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“Better to let the darkness have me and allow the vultures to squabble over my paralyzed body.”

“Towering demons with the faces of angels.”

“So let him do his worst. I am the Reaper. I know how to suffer. I know the darkness. This is not how it ends.”

“Man is no island. We need those who love us. We need those who hate us. We need others to tether us to life, to give us a reason to live, to feel.”

“If this is the end, I will rage toward it.”

“Now I remember hate.”

“What a world.”

“How could anyone be brave in a place so inhuman as this?”

“Ares sends his regards, motherfucker.”

“Yet I think it’s the moment my soul comes back to me. Not my mind. I still feel the cracks in it.”

“There’s always a choice.”

“Evil feeds on mercy.”

“My pity was lost in the darkness.”

“Live for yourself, die alone,” Trigg says quietly.”

“You know what we need?” Trigg asks.
I look up at him intensely. “Justice?” “A cold beer.”

“But wishing for the past doesn’t clean the blood from either of our hands.”

“My best friend in all the worlds has not forgotten me.”

“Mother is the spine in me. The iron.”

“We were a little storm that couldn’t last. But maybe Dio and Kieran will.”

“Tidings! It’s Uncle Sevro and the Moderately Friendly Giant.”

“They’re yours.” “My what?” “Your eyes!”

“It’s just I forgot how crazy you are.”

“Glad you’re not dead!”

“Dreaming’s easy. War isn’t.”

“You’re the bloodydamn messiah the Reds have been waiting for their entire lives.”

“If you really want to know, you should ask your mother.”

“Forget a man’s name and he’ll forgive you. Remember it, and he’ll defend you forever.”

“I’m their Reaper. It took Ragnar to remind me.”

“I’ve never been a man of joy or a man of war, or an island in a storm. Never an absolute like Lorn. That was what I pretended to be. I am and always have been a man who is made complete by those around him.”

“But I feel my soul trickling back into me as I realize I am finally home.”

“I’d applaud a mouse that managed to kill an eagle, wouldn’t you? Good for it.”

“Why would I care what you were? I care about what people do. I care about truth.”

“I truly do believe we choose who we want to be in this life. It isn’t preordained.”

Shit escalates.

“It has come to my attention that you are abnormally devious, savage, and generally malicious creatures gifted in the arts of murder, mayhem, and chaos.”

“All your sins, all your scars, all your enemies now belong to us. Our burden to share. Your loves, your family will become your second loves, your second family. We are your first. If you cannot abide this, if you cannot conscience this bond, say so now and you may leave.”

“Welcome, brother and sisters, to the Howlers.”

“It’s gonna be a hell of a day. A hell of a day.”

“Being disenfranchised is so damn tedious.”

“It’s not an idea. Not my wife’s dream. Not trust or alliances or Color. It’s me.”

“Have to trust others.”

“And whether I am the Reaper, or whether it’s just another mask, it’s one I must wear, not just for them, but for myself.”

“Though death might come for us. I am home in this weird screaming mass of humanity.”

“I am here, my friend. The Abyss will not claim us yet.”

“The Carver made the body. Matteo sculpted the man.”

“Because we’ve both forgotten we didn’t get here on our own. You and I should be able to say anything to each other. That’s how this works. It’s how we work. We don’t walk on eggshells. We talk to each other. Even if we say shit that’s hard to hear.”

“I think the shittiest part about getting old is now we’re smart enough to see the cracks in everything.”

“Right now I’d say anything to make him feel like he’s loved.”

“Howler One,” Sevro says, punching my shoulder. “Howler Two,” I say, patting his in turn.”

“Bye, Felicia.”
“But my friends have breathed love into me, breathed my faith back into my bones.”

“I will not replace tyranny with chaos.”

“It’s for the quiet and gentle who know how the world should be, but can’t shout louder than the bastards.”

“I see a man trying his best in a world that doesn’t give a shit. It breaks my heart.”

“Now I realize that when we are wound together, we make something unbreakable.”

“But I am no longer alone in the dark.”

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