Thursday, February 11, 2016

Review - The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

* Received from NetGalley for review.

5/5 gnomes

Dear The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend. Look at you, just look at you. You my grand book are just so flipping charming. Your settings, characters, the way the story unfolds, are all just so darn entertaining. I didn’t expect to get drawn into this book like I did but I just couldn’t stop reading.

The setting is so well done. It really feels like this town could exist. Broken Wheel really does feel like a character in the story. The book would have been a completely different beast without this town.

I like how the book is set up too. It has multiple points of view and you only meet one character through the letters she wrote before she died and the people she knew. This structure makes it so you really care about all of these characters and makes you book feel more alive.

Sara is like the ultimate bookworm. She goes from Sweden all the way to Iowa just to meet her pen pal. When she gets there though things are definitely not what she expected.

Getting to know the people and the town is a lot of fun. I love how important Sara and her books become to the town.

If you love reading/books and an in depth look at some truly unique characters,  then this might just be the perfect story for you.

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