Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review - Morning Star

Morning Star by Pierce Brown

5 out of 5 gnomes

Wow, I’m actually a bit speechless after finishing this series. Now that, that is how you end a series. War, love, hate, intrigue, space opera-ey goodness, this book had all that and more. I loved this book especially when a character actually says,  “Bye, Felicia.” This goes to show you how great the humor can be to go along with all the mayhem.

A plethora of surprises and twists await. I can’t emphasize this enough, these are some truly surprising surprises.

I adore how these characters have grown/changed over the course of this series. Sevro’s my favorite he’s psychotic sure but at the same time he’s probably the most loyal/loving (in his own special way that is) character you’ll ever meet.

Action right up the the very end (so much so that I thought for a good while there that the book might end on a cliffhanger.) That ending was superb and did justice to all the character’s stories so well.

This is the kind of ending where you know the future can’t be perfect but yet with the world building shown here you can just imagine how this world could continue to go on.

Read this series ASAP. It’s for anyone who likes strong world building, characters you’ll really care for, and friendships that endure. Brown’s series drew me in hook line and sinker and I cannot wait to see what he writes next.

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