Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Favorite Shows of 2015

Here are my favorite TV shows that I’ve been watching this year:

This show has been insane this year and the Inhumans have added a great dose of craziness to the mix.

 This show is hilarious and it’s my go to show that I watch reruns of over and over.

This is such a great take on the whole Holmes/Watson dynamic. Their chemistry just works so well.

I adore this show: the characters, the humor, all the superhero heroics. This show always finds a way to surprise me.

This show is just so darn positive, I really love it. It has some surprises of its own too. Plus its midseason finale ended at a very interesting point.


  1. These are some amazing shows! I love Bob's Burgers; it's hilarious.

    1. Yes, they really are. I am forever watching Bob's Burgers on Netflix over and over. :)


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