Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Review - Chasing Impossible

Chasing Impossible by Katie McGarry

5 gnomes out of 5 gnomes

Katie McGarry is definitely an auto-buy author for me. This story like all her others is hard to pull yourself away from because you just have to know what happens next. I knew I needed this book as soon as I found out it would tell Abby's story.

I’m so happy she decided to tell Abby’s story because wow is it intense and great all at once. Logan is also one of the guys that I was curious about too (his secret was a surprise too though you’ll probably wonder why he keeps it a secret so long.)

It’s great seeing a lot of characters from the other books. All the characters are distinct yet awesome. They all know how to rally around each other too.

There is some serious trouble in this book that will make it so you don’t want to stop reading. There are some big secrets about Abby that the readers gets to learn about. Her final solution to everything was really surprising. I also loved how everything turned out.

I know I for one will continue to look forward to whatever McGarry writes next.

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