Monday, August 3, 2015

Sentence Sneak Peek - Chasing Impossible

Chasing Impossible by Katie McGarry

The first sentence from each chapter of Chasing Impossible, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

*Spoilers are highlighted like so :)


“Rule number one from my father: never let them know you’re scared.”

“Do it,” I say.”

“I’m going to kiss him tonight.”

“On the crowded sidewalk next to Isaiah’s car, Rachel and I stare at each other.”

“My grandmother’s first piece of advice to counteract Dad’s list: the devil dances with those who walk alone on the edge.”

“I lay my hand over the strings to stop the reverberating and the crowd goes insane.”

“His lips are hot and soft and tasting him is like standing outside during an electrical storm.”

“Seriously, I didn’t know you played guitar.”

“I’m against the wall, near the entrance and I’m doing my best Navy SEAL as I count the game pieces in the room.”

“I’m running and it’s not fast enough.”

“I’m drowning.”

“There’s blood on my hands.”

“It’s quiet yet not.”

“Why did you drive all the way back to Bullitt County?”


“We play.”

“Sleep is restless, and I have a hard time deciphering what’s real and what’s not.”

“Rachel: How is Abby?”

“I lost one week of my life in the hospital.”

“Practicing with a band is nowhere close to the high of being onstage.”

“If horses were easy to get back on, then cars would have never been invented and we’d all have a huge family pet that lived in the garage.”

“I enter through the back door then lock it behind me, thinking of how Abby was barricading herself in when she walked in earlier.”

“I turn away from Logan and my face automatically falls.”

“I do what Abby asks, flipping off the light, and then do something she doesn’t expect.”

“My heart is drumming so loudly Logan has to hear it, has to feel it, but then a part of me is wondering if this is another dream, another moment where my mind has wandered into areas of fantasy....”

Just pretend to be real...

“Denny slides a Styrofoam container in my direction and I smile when I spot pancakes.”

“Isaiah: Off to be smart?”


“The elevator doors open.”

“Rule number four: there’s no such thing as downtimejust another opportunity to make money.

“Isaiah’s in the driver’s seat of his Mustang.”

“It’s only eleven and I’m calling it a night.”

“The sound of a cell buzzing causes me to stir out of a dream.”

“My grandmother took me to church once.”

“Sun’s high in the sky, baking every single one of us.”

“Working as a team, the boys hand off bale of hay after bale of hay to the next guy in line until it reaches Chris and he neatly stacks it in the barn.”

Green corn stalks fly at us and Abby squeals in a combination of delight and horror.”

“I can’t breathe.”

“The alarm on my cell goes off and I’m so dead to the world that my eyes won’t open and my muscles that I swear were filled with concrete overnight won’t budge.”

“I think it was Tommy who shot me.”

“Abby bolts out of the diner like someone yelled fire.”

“Logan and Isaiah stand with me as I wait for my number to pop up on the screen.”

“I unlock the front door to Abby’s grandmother’s house and walk in before Abby does to check out the place.”

Grams has been asleep a lot longer than I’d care to admit and I close the book.”

“The hunger pangs roll over me like waves and I don’t need to test my blood to know that my blood sugar is low.”


“Outside crickets chirp and a half-moon smiles down at us as I hug Mom goodbye.”

“I love you.”

“Abby opens the front door and immediately grabs the bag from my hands.”

“Dressed and feeling so full that I might explode, I finish the queso as Logan tests.”

“Abby’s on fire tonight.”

“What do you think?”

“We have dinner together as a family every Friday,” Mrs. Young says as if I’m not already aware of this.”

“That’s just sick, Abby.”

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