Monday, August 25, 2014

Sentence Sneak Peek - Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets

Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets: An Anthology of Holmesian Tales Across Time and Space Edited by David Thomas Moore

The first sentence from each chapter of Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Provided by NetGalley for Review

“SHERLOCK HOLMES OWES a lot to the revisionists.”

“THE CANVAS TENT held in heat like an Alabama kitchen, though it didn’t smell nearly so pleasant.”

“SHERLOCK HOLMES DID not care to leave London under most circumstances.”

“IN MY MANY years as the intimate companion of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, we inevitably were called upon to investigate confidential matters.”

“SHERLOCK HOLMES WAS on the verge of a relapse and needed a distraction.”

“THE PEPPERTREE WAS a puzzle to be solved, but that was his fame.”

“MRS. HUDSON ARRANGED concentric circles, taking the sandwiches on the plate in care that none of the corners overlapped and that the gaps between them were even.”

“I SOMETIMES WONDER if I’m built from old videotape.”

“IT IS STRANGE how quickly things can change.”

“YOU WILL HAVE heard, of course, of those events in the Year of the Yellow Cat that almost plunged us all into a disastrous war.”

“WATSON,” SAID SHERLOCK Holmes as we took breakfast in our rooms at 221B Baker Street, “we are about to receive a visitor—and, one hopes, an interesting case to solve.”

“THE WORLD KNOWS Sherlock Holmes through these pages as a calculating machine, seeking justice with cold logic, but I know another side of him.”

“I’M SORRY,” MRS. Hudson said, sticking her head into my office.”

“FOR SHERLOCK HOLMES, these matters were immaterial.”

SUDDENLY, IT ALL made sense to John Watson.”

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