Monday, August 18, 2014

Sentence Sneak Peek - It Girl

It Girl by Nic Tatano

The first sentence from each chapter of It Girl, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Provided by NetGalley for Review

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“My network’s twenty-million-dollar-a-year morning anchor just got arrested for soliciting a prostitute.”

“Scott Winter is known as “America’s boy next door.”

“As an Emmy Award winning reporter, you’d think I’d be able to investigate my own life.”

“My grandfather owned an old fashioned hardware store, and it ticked him off to no end that I enjoyed playing there as a little girl.”

“Here’s the thing about my new shift.”

“Hal’s prophecy, such as it was, would apparently be put to the test very soon.”

“Upon further review, maybe I can’t do this after all.”

“I followed Gavin, head down, pretending to be the student headed to the principal’s office.”

“My first surprise of the morning came when Charlie opened the door to the limo.”

By Jonas Fender

Viewers of The Morning Show on Monday came away with a new experience: being greeted by a crack of dawn host who hates getting up as much as the rest of us.”

“Coming up this hour,” said Scott, “we’ll visit with an expert on snakes who will tell you how to identify which ones are poisonous and which ones are not.”

“I’ve never had an argument with a boss at three in the morning, but I guess there’s a first time for everything.”

“Shit lists.”

“In television news, the tease is king.”

"We're clear!"

"The term "orientation" often conjures up images of that first day at a new job during which you have to sit through lectures, out-of-date Powerpoint presentations and often laughable videos about why it's a bad idea to have relationships in the workplace."

"This couldn't wait till Sunday brunch."

"We're investigating."

"I thought I'd had an easy day of interviews when Gavin met me as I headed off the set."

"So, after four years of broadcasting school, countless award-winning stories, and a reputation that would be the envy of most reporters, my career has come to this moment of truth."

"Dexter wimped out last night, bolting out the studio back door right after the show."

"Yeah, it was fun all right."

"In the game of "tit for tat" between me and Dexter (I'll let you guess who has what) I thought he'd successfully ended the game with my little comment about his perfect face and body."

"The lambada went so well in episode two (gee, I wonder why) that we got good scores from the judges and escaped the dreaded elimination vote."

"Well, Operation Margaux the French maid (yes, I gave my alter ego a name) was on hold since there was a much more important event that I absolutely could not postpone." 

"As far as waking up after you've passed out goes, I'll take the lobster bisque in my hair any day compared to the massive hangover that greeted me at the crack of noon."

"Friday was a big day."

"My heart slammed against my chest."

"With Savannah off on a political mission I was free to take care of problem number two: patching things up with Bradley."

"So after a stop at a seriously decadent deli, dropping a hundred bucks on all sorts of exotic treats, and trying unsuccessfully to talk to Savannah into being the delivery girl, I was headed up to Dexter's apartment."

"I have one of those talking smart phones."

"Were it not eight in the morning, this would call for popcorn, chips, guacamole and a barbecue."


"An hour later I was trying my best not to look like I was walking on air when Hal's voice cut through the sounds of the city."


We all have days that can significantly change our lives."

"Good morning, everyone, I'm Scott Winter in New York."

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