Thursday, August 21, 2014

PRR (Pre Review Ravings) - Isla and the Happily Ever After

- Ah that beginning was so awesome/hilarious.

- This has to be one of the best first/second chapters that I’ve read in quite a while.

- Glad we find out how to pronounce Isla’s name early in the book.

- I thought Isla’s name was a bit weird but when I found out why that was her name it made more sense and made me feel sorry for her sisters too.

- Josh is one complicated dude but he and Isla really do seem to make a great couple.

- I don’t know why but this book felt a bit more rushed/forced than the others did.

- They fall in love a tad too fast.

- Once again though I adore the characters and the writing of the story that just pull you right in.

- Liked getting to see the characters from the other books again especially Anna and St. Clair and their epic moment.

- Kind of wish there had been more time with all of the characters.

- Kurt's a great addition, I just wanted to know more about him.

- Her little sister was really annoying.

- Isla's confidence seems to come and go and you'll wish she wasn't struggling so much.

- It's great seeing Josh actually care about something.


  1. I really liked this book. I thought it was a messier kind of relationship than int he first two. It had that dramatic OMGILOVEYOUSOMUCH thing going on lol but i think that does happen so I was ok with it.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. I liked it too, plus there are so many great quotes/lines. I think you described their relationship perfectly. My favorite part was how they met but yeah messy yet good is a great way to describe this book.


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