Friday, June 13, 2014

Thursday the Twelfth - a Tiny Reverse Vampire Terrifying Friday the 13th Eve Story

Thursday, I was driving to work and at one of the stoplights I was watching a blackbird because it looked like it was going to fly close. I like to see their feathers when they fly close so I was watching it and then it came even closer, stopping to sit on the part of the car next to my windshield. 

Screamed slightly and swore a little because I didn’t think it was going to land so I yelled at it a couple of times and it didn’t move. Thinking oh well, it’ll leave when I move I slowly started to drive forward. Two blocks later the blackbird it still sitting next to the windshield on my car… Finally after leaning forward and knocking lightly on the windshield at the next stoplight the bird looks at me, tilts it’s head and leaves.

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