Monday, June 23, 2014

My mini review/rave of both Opal and Origin

The Good, the bad, the OH F#$% moments: My mini review/rave of both Opal and Origin

5 out of 5 gnomes overall for both books, especially that ending.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

So much craziness now that a long lost brother is back. Katy feels so much guilt over the bad decisions she has made and Dee who used to be her best friend isn’t exactly talking to her anymore.

Since I read this books one right after the other everything blended together and this book is kind of the set up for the next book and everything starts to fall into place.

There is plenty of drama and you’ll be wondering if the characters should trust anybody. Katy still has trouble controlling her hybrid self sometimes but when she does you don’t want to mess with her.

There are so many twists and turns and the ending of this one is pretty darn devastating but boy does it move you to read the next book ASAP.

Best Quotes/Lines from Opal:
“Let your inner stripper come out and play.”

“The Harbinger? What a ...lovely, reassuring name for a club.”

“If you start climbing on car hoods, I think I might marry you.”

“Oh! Books! You have books!”

“And I was just a little bit of a book nerd. Yeah, right.”

AHHH so much craziness and DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH!!!!!

Great new characters/ones you learn more about. Luc, Archer, and Paris are very interesting for multiple reasons.

That ending hurt my heart and brain almost as much as the ending from Opal. Hopefully that ending is just foreshadowing for how epic the last book will be.

Best Quotes/Lines from Origin:
* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“Man, I missed books already.”

“I’ve always wanted a Mogwai.”

“I was better the moment you woke up.”

“I hope you know how thankful I am for everything you’ve done.”

“Sporks are only used in the most dire situations.”

“Are you having impure thoughts about me?”

“There are things I would want to change, but not you—never you. I love you. That’s never going to change.”

“Mystery is overrated. I want to get to know every freckle and every curve on a personal level.”

“Probably should have put some pants on.”

“Will you make me the luckiest bastard on Earth and marry me, Katy Swartz?”

“This was what mattered—would always matter the most.”

“Well then, it’s time to introduce the world to a little bit of extraterrestrial awesomeness.”

“He made me. And I made him.”

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