Friday, June 6, 2014

The Night Before Our Stars - Seeing the TFIOS Movie

The awesome poster and bracelet received at the event.

My face after the whole movie/long drive home

First of all, I never go to movies alone but I went out of my way to see this one. I was out of my comfort zone too because for some reason the only showings in Nebraska were in Lincoln and Bellevue. I’d never been to this theater but I found my way without getting lost via mapquest directions of course (this was great because more often than not I get lost very easily.) There was quite a crowd for this event.

This was one great adaptation of the book. I think that Shailene Woodley makes a better Hazel than she does a Tris. Ansel Elgort is also a heck of a great Gus and I adored him here where as Caleb in Divergent he was just okay.

They embody the characters so well. Most of the great events from the book are included. If you've read the book then be prepared to cry through pretty much the whole movie. You might have thought knowing what happens would soften the effect but nope those big moments will still hit you like a punch to the face.


  1. Awesome swag! I went to watch it with a friend last Wednesday, I was armed with lots of tissues! Really enjoyed the movie...but I didn't cry, strangely. >.<

    1. Yes, I was so excited to get the poster/bracelet. Nice, well I think I was still feeling all the emotions from the book too because I read it less than a week ago. :)


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