Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Tiny Reverse Vampire

Happy Birthday to my sister Brandy aka Tiny Reverse Vampire :)

Brandy’s the one on the right in the picture. It has always been interesting having a birthday that is only one week before my sister’s. We’re only 3 years one week apart age wise and we used to celebrate our birthdays on the same day and as you can see from the pic sometimes we dressed the same too. :)


  1. LOL, cute. I bet you're very close, too. Happy b-day Brandy!
    BTW - what's behind the name "Tiny Reverse Vampire"? I always thought it was so quirky and even poetic...even if it has to do with bloodthirsty creatures.

    1. Yes we are. :) The Tiny Reverse Vampire name pretty much stems from that episode of The Simpsons where the adults are all called reverse vampires. Plus we've always loved vampires so the nickname and story kind of evolved from there.


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