Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Bewitching

Bewitching by Alex Flinn

The first sentence from each chapter of Bewitching, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)
* Book will be released February 14, 2012
* ARC read via
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"If you read fairy tales, and who doesn't, you might believe there are witches all over the place
—witches baking children into gin-gerbread, making princesses sleep hundreds of years, even turning normal teenage boys into hideous beasts to teach them a lesson."

"Girl to Woman to Witch: England, 1666
When Mr. Howe called from the street to ask if I had any dead for him to bury, I told him I did."

"My mother, in her sweet way, always reminded me that Daddy wasn't my real father."

"The first time I saw my stepsister, Lisette, she was crying."

"I brought Lisette up to my room."

"It was five-thirty when I heard the garage door open and, through the window, saw Daddy's car pull in."

"Monday, Daddy went late to work so he could drive us to school and register Lisette."

"Our cafeteria looked the way I'm guessing most school cafeterias do, white and black spotted floors dulled by years of spilled chocolate milk and dirty sneakers, and louvered windows that let in barely enough light to see your food . . . probably a good thing."

"All that week, I walked to school with Lisette, ate lunch with Lisette, walked home with Lisette."

"Friday night, I went to the mall with "the girls," and Saturday to a different mall."

"The next day, in chorus, Kendra was sitting, listening to music, sort of dancing."

"In school, Lisette was really fitting in."

"Monday morning, I searched for Warner in the hall."

"The Story of a Lonely Prince with a Helicopter Mother
Paris, 1744
Sometimes, it was difficult to be a prince."

"Back to Louis (the unappreciative boy)
It took several weeks to travel to Madrid by carriage."

"Two years have passed."

"Creepy things about tenth grade: Mr. Fischer, my chem teacher, had a snake."

"The search for the missing mouse fizzled pretty quickly."

"I ran until my calves hurt and I wanted to fall down on the damp sand."

"When I got home, I was pretty sure I was in love."

"You know how romantic comedies have those montage things, where they show the couple falling in love?"

"In the next week, Warner and I said "I love you" a hundred times."

"Into the Woods was the type of play I'd have liked, if I hadn't been involved in so much real-life drama."

"I never got to talk to him."

"The next day, Warner came to pick me up for school as usual."

"The Story of a Mermaid Who Should Have Left Well Enough Alone
There are those who believe there is nothing under the sea but sand and shells and endless darkness."

"The Mermaid's Story Continues to Its End
The sky was dark from the towering castles blocking the sun."

"Once, in school, we read a folktale from the Philippines."

"After sixth period, I found Kendra in the hall."

"In the next week, I had to argue with my mother just to get her to let me attend school."

"Okay, so Travis was pretty incredible."

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