Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Book Birthday to A MILLION SUNS!

To celebrate here are my favorite quotes/lines from the ARC I read via a tour put together by Megan and Mindy at the Secret of the Stars blog.

* Some major spoilers are highlighted like so :) so if you don't want to know about them make sure not to highlight the sentences.

"Of everyone on this ship, even the frozen bodies of my parents, Elder's the only one who handed me truth and waited for me to accept it." (pg. 8/9)

"Funny how a book about hell reminds me of home." (pg. 39)

"Just that I don't want to be with you just because there's no one else." (pg. 58)

"But whatever it is that you're not telling me scares you, and I'm not going to let you be scared and alone.  So you're sticking with me, and I'm sticking with you."(pg. 100)

"Oh, shut up and put some pants on!"(pg. 165)

"I will do anything to make her happy again, so I give her the stars."(pg. 169)

"You idiot.  Of course I care about you." (pg 211)

"You stupid idiot!" she says, smacking me again. "I don't want the new planet without you! (pg. 228)

"Because, choice or no, my heart is his." (pg. 374)

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