Thursday, December 8, 2011

Anna Dressed in Blood - My Favorite Quotes/Lines

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
"They rationalized their fears away.  People shouldn't do that." (pg. 9)

"Only the dickiest of dicks would refuse to shake my hand,  And I have just met the dickiest of dicks." (pg. 46)

"God, living people are irritating." (pg. 61)

"Don't be afraid of the dark, Cas.  But don't let them tell you that everything that's there in the dark is also there in the light.  It isn't." (pg. 132)

"For all my dreams and fancies, I don't recall being . . . what would you call it?  Perky." (pg.139)

"You make me want things that I can't have." (pg 161)

"We'd be the fricking dragon and the wicked fairy." (pg. 235)

"And holy crap, I am a psychiatrist's wet dream." (pg. 247)


  1. I love this book. It is awesome and such a page turner!!!!!

    1. Nice, I love the book too. It really is a page turner and has some fantastic quotes. :)


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