Monday, September 6, 2010

Winnings of the Week

My awesome winnings of last week, the Ultimate Swag Pack from author Gini Koch who you can find at,

Here's a slideshow of everything inside. :)


  1. Hey Becky, I love that you are sharing what you got, I might have to do that as well, I won the Vampire pack. The Night Bookmobile is a really good graphic novel, if you haven't read it yet do it now! I think you'd love it because you love to read/library assistant and that is totally what the book is about!

  2. Hi Luna, yeah I wanted people to be able to see all of the cool stuff that was in the pack and it was fun taking all the photos.

    Thanks for recommending The Night Bookmobile. It's nice to hear that it's good, I've been meaning to read it. Plus my pack that I won included a pretty cool looking poster for that book :)

  3. Glad you guys liked your Swag Packs! And it's funny, Becky, to see the pics...I'm sitting here going, "Wow, there was a LOT in that box...maybe that's why it was so heavy..." LOL!

  4. Yeah, that was one heavy box :). It took like an hour to go through everything and I won't even tell you how long I stayed up taking all the pictures :). I love all the signed stuff, posters and especially the giant Batman bag.


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