Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sentence Sneak Peek - Monster High

Monster High by Lisi Harrison

The first sentence from each chapter of Monster High, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

*There is no chapter 13 it is called Lost Chapter (Whose Unlucky Number Shall Go Unmentioned)

 From the prologue, "Frankie Stein's thick lashes fluttered open."

"The fourteen-hour drive from Beverly Hills, California, to Salem, Oregon, had been total Gitmo."

"The sun was finally up."

"We're here!"

"Frankie jumped to her bare feet and began dancing to the Lady Gaga beats lingering inside her head."

"Despite the early hour, Melody and Candace took to Radcliffe Way with the boundless energy of two girls who had been cooped up in an SUV for fourteen hours."

"Viveka knocked on the door to Frankie's Fab."

"The lunchtime bell bwoopbwooped like a European busy signal."

"Frankie ran-walked down the empty hall, her wool-covered thighs chafing."

"On Friday, Bekka greeted Melody with a celebratory high five."

"The rain continued into Saturday."

"Are you sure you don't want to camp with us?"

"Frankie slept like a chick with its head cut off--her brain and her body were on totally different programs."

"Can anyone tell me what an autotroph is?"

"It was a tomato-soup -and-macaroni kind of night."

"...and kissed...and kissed...and kissed."

"Frankie, dear pass the asparagus to our guests, please," Viveka asked, with a hint of Madonna's fake English accent."

"Haylee followed Bekka down the "Till Death Do You Part" aisle of the Costume Castle like a dutiful maid of honor."

"Plan A was ready for activation."

"Okay, one more picture!"

"Standing outside the double gym doors, Frankie, Lala, Blue, Clawdeen, and Cleo locked hands like the Pussycat Dolls about to take their final curtain call."

"Melody and Jackson had been enjoying a post-dance cooldown in an unpopulated corner of the gym when the incident occurred."

"It smelled like life had stopped and all that remained were cold sterile instruments."

"Melody's finger hovered over the doorbell."

"Frankie had taken the stand."

"Pacing across her porch, Melody thought of those windup dogs she'd seen on display on tables in the mall."

"A pebble bounced off the frosted-glass window."


  1. What's With that "lost chapter?" Any body find it? LOL..... But seriously, where'd it go? Is it a funny add-on, or a secret code crcking gome on MonsterHigh.com? I know it's just an unanswered question, but I must say...... THAT BOOK WAS AMAZING!!! I especialy love chapters 15, 16, the middle to end of 18 (Hate begining), the end of 20, 24, 25 26 and 27. If you've read it, you can tell I love romatic but mostly comedy scenes in a book. I read books imagining that the characters have different traits most of the time, but this book is so modern, I didn't have too! One more thing..... WHY is CLEO so NICE?!

  2. Thanks for commenting :)

    Yeah I think the lost chapter is left out as a joke so as not to have an unlucky 13th chapter.

    I myself ended up liking Frankie's point of view a lot better then Melody's.

  3. yeah i definitely loved frankie at first then i got to know melody but still frankie is better to me!! :)

    love the phrase VOLTAGE! my new word!
    cleo i think is terribly nice but one other thing why is clawdeen so mean!!!!!

  4. @A_longrose101 Yeah, I love the word voltage too and Frankie's definitely a great character. :)


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