Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sentence Sneak Peek - Nobody's Goddess

Nobody’s Goddess by Amy McNulty

The first sentence from each chapter of Nobody’s Goddess, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

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* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“WHEN I HAD REAL FRIENDS, I was the long-lost queen of the elves.”

“LIKE MOST OF THE VILLAGE, we couldn’t afford a mirror, but if you asked me, that was a good thing.”

“SWINGING A BASKET AROUND WITH two fingers was an excellent way to break those fingers, which was helpful if you were looking for an excuse to get out of working for a few days.”

“WE’D BARELY STEPPED INSIDE WHEN there was a pounding on the door.”

“I TOUCHED THE DIRTY, DARK shawl that had once covered her white head.”

“IN THE GREAT HALL, ALL was quiet.”

“HALF THE VILLAGE IS HERE,” observed Master Tailor.”


“HE LET ME GO HOME that night, but I could never truly be my own again, never truly be out of his embrace.”

“WOODCARVING WAS THE ONLY THING I had, the only thing that quieted my thoughts.

“I’D HAD TO ASK FOR the scabbard, too.


“MY MIND WAS BLISSFULLY BLANK as I walked back through the village—yes, this was my village, it had to be—and onto the path home.”

“AVILDA’S CHOICE SPOT FOR A picnic wasn’t my own, but I imagined she didn’t want me to head back home before I had to.

“I DIDN’T SPEAK FOR THE rest of the evening.”

“I TRIED TO SCREAM, BUT the veil muzzle gripped too hard against my tongue.”


“WHENEVER THE SUN WAS OUT over the next few weeks, I took my breakfasts and lunches in the garden.”

“WHEN THE DAY OF ELFRIEDE and Jurij’s wedding arrived, I expected nothing.”


“I COULD SEE BY THE leather-gloved hands just below the billowing black gauze of the curtain between us that the lord had little appetite.”

“ELGAR MUST HAVE PROVEN ESSENTIAL to getting back to that place.

ELGAR PROVED THE KEY TO getting back through the violet sphere, as I’d guessed.”


“I STEPPED INTO THE LIT dining hall, easily willing each foot to move forward.”


“EVEN WITHOUT ELGAR TO GUIDE me, the pool acted as before, but in reverse, its terrible purpose fulfilled.”

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