Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Alien Nation

Alien Nation by Gini Koch

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“Meaning, don’t ignore me, or the smartest guy in the room, when we tell you that we’d better be prepared for anything and everything to backfire right into our faces.”

“Amazing. I’d been testing out my Talk To The Hand gesture, and prior to my being made the First Lady it had had no real effect.”

“I’m fond of the Borg ship myself,” Siler said, indicating our fifth entry, which was a cube.”

“It’s always time for sarcasm, as you know. You feeling alright?”

“...so who was I to question the possibilities in our vast multiverse?”

“I just worry,” Christopher grumbled softly.”

“Never let it be said that my boys are slow or stupid.”

“Yes, I’m fine. And it wasn’t my fault.” “It’s never your fault.”

“We don’t leave our friends and family behind.”

“We want to be sure before we bite.”

“It has been said that you have understanding beyond others.”

“Not that I’m not thrilled to see you and relive some of our nostalgic moments and all that.”

“I’m here because, as usual, I didn’t want to watch my wife die. I know it’s a terrible failing, but I’ve learned to live with it.”

“But mainly because I really want him to meet Muddy. I think I’ve just found Richard’s new best friend.”

“I just take those marriage vows to always make you happy seriously.”

“I hate being so transparent.” It’s worse to be evil. Just saying.”

“And you say that I’m the one who can’t lie.”

“I don’t care about the rest of the world if you’re not in it.”

“Yes, Becky is very special. All the children in the Embassy Daycare are special in some way.”

“But I sure had new things to worry about, which was nice, since I didn’t have enough of that going on right now.”

“The galaxy has taken notice of Earth.”

“And Kitty is still ACE’s most beloved penguin.”

“Kitty protects those who need it, even if they are not Kitty’s friends….”

“While we plot and plan, may I suggest the cucumber sandwiches? They are truly excellent.”

“Okay, everyone. Let’s channel all our basic human nastiness and use it for galactic good.”

“Oh, you know, same politicians, terrorists, and crackpots, different day.”

“You continue to rock above all others, Mister White.”

“You’re right, Uncle Richard. The dead watch over us.” She pulled herself up straight. “And we avenge our dead…”

“I was Code Name: First Lady and I did the saving.”

“Well then, we’re going to do what’s always worked. We’re going with the crazy.”

“If we can’t have fun with our jobs, why would we want to do them?”

“I think you need to have a snack and a nap.”

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Yes, I believe that is the one truth that actually matters.”

“And none of it matters unless you’re doing the best you can, for the most people you can, as frequently as you can.”

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