Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sentence Sneak Peek - Love and First Sight

Love and First Sight by Josh Sundquist

The first sentence from each chapter of Love and First Sight, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

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“Vice Principal Larry Johnston extends his hand.”

“In between each class, Mr. Johnston takes me by my locker so I can learn the route from each classroom.”

“I’m waiting at the edge of the curb.”

“By my second day at my new school, I know all my routes.”

“In the art museum the next afternoon, each click of my cane on the hard smooth floor reverberates like a shotgun blast.”

“After I get home from the museum, I go to my bedroom and plop down on the bed to listen to music.”

“That Friday I sit alone at lunch.”

“Dr. Bianchi, the doctor who is doing the experimental surgery, works in an office building at PU’s med school.”

“On Sunday, it takes a while to persuade Mom to let me walk to Whitford’s by myself.

“On Monday at the start of journalism class, Mrs. Everbrook asks everyone who wants to audition for the morning announcements to raise their hand.”

“The news comes later that week when Mom picks me up from school.”

“As I waste stomach space ingesting large quantities of pointless beta-carotene at lunch the next day, my friends and I discuss the homecoming dance.”

“On Saturday, as she is driving to my house to pick me up before homecoming, Cecily calls my cell.”

“On the Monday after homecoming—the day I’m supposed to make a decision about my operation—Mrs. Everbrook calls me over to her desk.”

“The stem cell transplant happens three days later, on Thursday.”

“The weeks tick by slowly.”

“The next morning, on Friday, Mom takes me to Dr. Bianchi’s office to get the bandages removed.”

“When I wake up Saturday morning, I am immediately assaulted by insanity.”

“I wake up the next morning alone in my dark room.”

“The muscles around my eyelids get tired from closing them so often, which I do to give my eyes a rest and block out the dizziness.”

“On Tuesday evening, I’m sitting at my desk reviewing my toy blocks.

“On Wednesday, I ask Cecily to drive us to Mole Hill Park so I can witness my first sunset.”

“When I get home, I am still high on the ecstatic rush of being so close to Cecily’s face.”

“Maybe this is why Facebook is so popular: Deep down, everyone wants to put their face on display.”

“Thursday afternoon, Cecily and I sit on my bed to work on homework.”

“Friday morning in journalism class, I peer out from under my sunglasses and try to look at some of the other kids sitting across the room near Cecily.”

“Cecily drove her mom’s car to school today and offers to give me a ride home.”

“I spend the weekend alone in my room, coming out only to partake in the absolute minimum levels of eating and bathroom use.”

“In the car on the way home, Mom can tell there’s a problem.”

“Being in a car with other people is the opposite visual experience of being in a building with them.”

“Going number two: the number one common denominator of America,” says Whitford.”

“We finally arrive in Los Angeles, where traffic slows us to a crawl.”

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