Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sentence Sneak Peek - Learning to Swear in America

Learning to Swear in America by Katie Kennedy

The first sentence from each chapter of Learning to Swear in America, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“Because there’s no air in space, the asteroid hurtled toward Earth in absolute silence.”

“Yuri walked into the pale blue office, found a roll of masking tape, and wrote his name on it in marker, copying from his name tag so he couldn’t misspell it.”

“Jet lag had finally caught him and Yuri was sitting upright at his desk, dozing when a soft kick at the door startled him awake.”

“Time became a blur of work and paper and numbers.”

Fire Eye-24s.”

“The next day Karl Fletcher was civil.”

“When the car service deposited him at the NEO building the next morning, Yuri had circles under his eyes.”

“The night enfolded him, took him in as its own.”

“I’m home, and I brought a science guy,” Dovie called.”
“JPL the next day was refrigerated and pale blue and sterile.”

“Come on,” Dovie said, extending a hand down.”

“Dovie let him out in front of the restaurant, so that the building blocked the sight line from the hotel.”

“Yuri left the hotel before six in the morning, when there was only one guard in the lobby, absorbed in watching the night clerk carry cups of waffle batter to the breakfast nook.”

“The gym had thin wooden floorboards lacquered gold, with basketball hoops at each end and a trapezoidal scoreboard looming over the middle of the court.”

“Yuri went in early the next morning, making up time.”

“Dovie dropped him off in the restaurant lot, and he walked to the hotel, hands shoved in his pockets.”

“In his hotel room Yuri shaved, more for the ritual of it than any real need, and put on a fresh white shirt and his gray suit.”

“So here’s the thing,” Dovie said, guiding the steering wheel with her inner wrist.”

“Yuri knocked quietly on Fletcher’s office door.”

“Back in his office, Yuri worked in a caffeinated blur as night moved to morning.”

“Mike Ellenberg’s people huddled around him.”

“Yuri woke to a sharp rap on his door.”

“Yuri walked barefoot down to the cafeteria.”

“Yuri walked his way to the front, where someone had brought in sub sandwiches, snagged a roast beef, and returned to his spot.”

“Yuri dragged a cot into his office and slept like a stone dropping through water, or a rock falling through space.”

“Yuri got permission to go back to his hotel to shower and took the car service.”

“Yuri spent three days in the hotel room, waiting to be moved for the Detroit conference.”

“Yuri was pacing in his room when he realized he couldn’t possibly have a conversation with the Collums without Decker and Linares being aware of it.”

“They left the ice cream carton on the roof, three spoons plunged in like Greek spears in the sand.”

“Yuri bent forward, staring ahead as Dovie drove them through the tangle of highways.”

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