Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Get Up Offa That Slump Day 7 - Pitch a Book/Series

Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf put together this great sounding blogging extravaganza and I’ve decided to take part.

I think we were only supposed to pitch a book but I’ve gone ahead and have three series here that I think deserve a whole lot of love. I especially need everybody to read these books so they can rant and rave about them too:

What I Think: Action and a fast pace will grab you right away. The story, character, and humor will keep you rushing back for more. These are characters that you’ll truly find yourself caring about and wanting to know all about their lives.

Why you should read ASAP: Do you like things that are awesome? Do you enjoy actually Laughing out Loud in real life a lot? Do you enjoy characters and relationships that continue to grow? Do you like surprising surprises and twisty twists? Then check out this series ASAP.

What I Think: I adore this series, it’s always so fun and weird (in a good way.) It’s one of those books where you just have to smile while reading it. This series is full of great characters and humor. The whole family aspect is what makes it even more interesting.

Why you should read ASAP: It’s a paranormal book with something new. Ciel is an adaptor aka she can change her aura to look/essentially be anybody man or woman.

What I Think: This series is just a blast to read. The characters, mythology, and town itself make for some really compelling reading.  Reading about a town where it’s always Halloween will make you smile. There is also just about every supernatural creature/mythology included in the series.

Why you should read ASAP: The mythology and fun that is had with it make these must read books. Paranormal romance which is both fun to read and surprising is definitely a plus . You will find characters to love and want to know absolutely everything about this town.


  1. Aw, thanks! I'm so happy you like Ciel & the gang! :D

    1. :) Yes, Ciel, Billy and their respective families are great.

  2. Kitty & Company appreciate your support, as always! *smootchies*

    1. Thanks, always glad to support some of my favorite characters. :)


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